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Because brilliant innovation is so important to us, NineSigma is phasing out MyNineSigma and introducing NineSights, an enhanced online community that offers many new features. During the transition to NineSights, your MyNineSigma account will remain available; however, we encourage you to join NineSights today as a Solution Provider in order to:

  • Post your technology offerings
  • View and respond to NineSigma RFPs and other real opportunities posted by companies of all sizes, including our Fortune 100 clients
  • Interact directly with Solution Seekers and Providers from the global innovation community

In addition, you may register as a Solution Seeker to post your innovation Needs and search the NineSights community for Providers to work with.

As a member of MyNineSigma, creating a NineSights account is even easier. Just register with the same last name and email address you use for your MyNineSigma account, and your profile will automatically populate once you begin the registration process.

Join NineSights today!

If you have any questions please contact NineSigma's Solution Provider Help Desk with our Email and Telephone (phd@ninesigma.com, +1-216-283-3901).


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